O B Ignitt, real name Omar Harper is an American song writer and producer from the Motor City: Detroit MI. O B Ignitt has been in the music industry since 1992 producing music in R&B, Pop, Hip Hop, Gospel, Jazz and now Dance Music. He has produced with mainstream artists in different genres of music as a musician and writer. In 2011 he entered the dance music world as an artist producing hot heavy house and techno hits that are taking the world by storm. O B Ignitt has made his presence known with collaborations with some of the biggest names in the world. In 2011, along with legendary DJ and producer Omar S, he made his artist debut with the release of Wayne County Hills Cops Pt 2, which was one of the hottest and best releases of this last decade. In 2012 he made his 1st solo album debut, releasing Oh Jabba on FXHE Records, which was another top selling record of the year and decade. O B Ignitt has released several remixes and joint projects since bursting onto the scene in 2011. In 2013 O B Ignitt released another solo project titled O B Ignitt Presents. Now in 2014 O B Ignitt (Omar Harper) has launched OBONIT RECORDS and released five Ep’s on the label to date, titled ” I’m Here Now The Arrival” Catalog # Obonit 001 and “Let Me Tell You” Catalog # Obonit 002. “The 90’s Evolution of what is was” Catalog# Obonit 003, a collaboration featuring Omar S. This is the 2nd time O B Ignitt an Omar S team up since Wayne County Hills Cops Pt 2. In late 2015 O B Ignitt released a joint release along side fellow friend and FXHE mate Luke Hess titled “Star Gazing” Catalog# 004. In early 2016 O B Ignitt released his 8th album titled “8”  for the eight official record releases. O B Ignitt has produced several remixes to date. O B Ignitt has remixed for Drug Culture “Nigh Time Is The Right Time, Luc Marianni ” Icarus Flight, Mor Elian ” 323 To Plaza”.  DJ Overdose – Sorry To Disappoint. Now available on vinyl and digital world-wide.

For Booking Info contact obignittbooking@obonitrecords.com or Piru at fxhe_records@hotmail.com